Getting back to business

I thought that I’d be able to watch my weight while I was on vacation, but that didn’t happen. I came back a week ago to find that I gained 4 kilo. Yes, 4 kilo. That is rediculous. I know that I didn’t exactly watch what I ate, but I didn’t eat things that were over the top. At least not very often.

The biggest problem for me was not eating carbs while I was away. Keeping kosher on the road is hard, but it’s even harder if you can’t eat sandwiches. That, plus the fact that a lot of travel was during the 3 weeks, nine of which you can only eat dairy, really made sticking to a no carb diet impossible. Well, at least impossible for me.

Since I got back, I’ve started excersizing regularly. Not only am I walking with the girls in the morning, I’ve started to work out on my Wii Fit. I’m seeing progress. I’ve already lost 1 1/2 kilos, and have set a goal to lose about 1 kilo a week. That should be healthy.

I haven’t decided what exactly I’m going to do about dieting. Right now I’m just trying to cut back. As long as it works, that’s what I’ll do. If it stops, I’ll look for something eles.

a lot of people would be discouraged, but I’m feeling good. It’s hard to feel bad after being on a work out high. That’s something that I have to remember – whenever I feel discouraged, go work out.

Well that’s where things stand for now. It feels good to write this. Putting thing down really makes it real.


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Vacations kill me

Until about 3 weeks ago (aka my last post) I had been doing pretty well. I walked everyday and watched what I ate. All that stopped when I went on vacation. It’s really hard to control what we eat when you’re not in your natural surroundings. I keep kosher, so my food choices are especially limited. It’s been really difficult, and I’ve gained back all that I’ve lost and more.

The vacations that I’ve been on have been very active. I went to Hong Kong to celebrate my 18th wedding  anniversary with my husband. Hong Kong was beautiful, and we walked everywhere. It was so humid that I felt like I sweated out much more than went into me. We would take sandwiches and granola where ever we went. Since my body can’t do carbs, I expected to gain weight, and I wasn’t disappointed.

My next vacation was something that we planned for a year. Well I should say that other people planned and I went along. A friend of mine turned 50, and she wanted all us girls to go to the Golan and do a big hike. We did that, plus berry picking, swimming in the Kinneret, boat rides and visiting an archaeological museum. Everything was outside and everything required movement. Even with all the exercising, I still managed to gain weight.

We had a day trip from work a couple of days ago, where they took us up north and we did hiking, kayaking and tractor driving. There was food before and after each event. I only ate at meal times. I didn’t gain any weight, but I had plenty of guilt.

During the past few weeks, with all the travel, I haven’t wanted to take the Alli. When I do take it, I need to make sure to have a bathroom near by. It’s not very conducive to traveling.

Having Reduced-Obese Syndrome is very difficult. Through all these trips, I never went crazy with my eating. I ate what normal people ate and still gained weight. I guess it goes to show what a lot of people have known all along – I’m not normal.

I have also been under a tremendous amount of stress these past few weeks. I’ve decided to leave my job. I haven’t been enjoying it for a long time now, and I have other projects that I’ve been working on that are taking off and really need my attention. These projects will not be making money right away, hence the stress, but it is really the right thing for me.

It will be great to do something that excites me again, and I hope to feel more alive and be able to spend a bit more time on me. I plan on upping my exercise time, and since I’ll be working at home, I’ll be better able to control everything that goes into my mouth. Everything should get much simpler.

Before this life change begins, I’ll be going on another trip with my family. We’ll be going to the US for a little shy of 3 weeks. We have very little idea of what we will be doing (it will involve many Mets games,) and it will be great to have some real family time together. I’ll do my best to watch what I eat, but I’m not going to kill myself if I fall off the wagon. I want to be able to have fun and constantly counting calories is just no fun.

One thing that I have decided to try is The Carbohydrate Addicts Diet. That’s where you eat only one hour of carbs a day, but they can be anything. I have lost a lot of weight with that in the past, and it should give me the flexibility that I need to be successful.

I wish that I didn’t have to focus on food all the time, and that I could just be 100% carefree on my vacation. If I am, I know that I’ll pay for it later.

On all these vacations, I’ve been avoiding being in pictures as much as possible. I really don’t like the way that I look and I’d rather not record it for posterity. My fat-face is back. Perhaps if I find a way to lose a couple of kilo in the next couple of weeks, I’ll have my thinner face and I won’t mind being captured on film as much. I keep on telling myself that these are the “before” pictures to compare to the “after” pictures that I’ll be flaunting in the next few months.

happens in the end, I will enjoy this time with my husband and kids. We’ve waited for this a long time. I’m starting to get excited about it. Do you think that getting excited like this burns calories?

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My husband’s home!

After a two week business trip, my husband has come home. It was a really hard two weeks. The kids have been nuts, work  has been stressful, I haven’t had any time to work on my projects and I haven’t been sleeping. Food-wise, things have been pretty good. I haven’t gained any weight, but I haven’t lost any either. I’m happy with that. It would have been nice to have lost, but status quo in such a stressful environment is still good.

Now that I’ve finished school until September, I was hoping to spend more time exercising. That hasn’t happened yet. I’ll be doing quite a bit of traveling this summer, so I’m a bit nervous about being able to fit in exercise as well. I’m still walking every morning with my girlfriends. While I’m away, I won’t be able to keep to a routine. I have some exercise pocket books that I’ll take with me and I’ll try to do them.

Next week start my travels. I’ll be going to Hong Kong to celebrate my 18th wedding anniversary. I have no idea what the food situation will be. I keep kosher, so the food will be very limited. I’m sure that I’ll figure something out. I’m really looking forward to this trip. It should be a lot of fun.

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Has it been a week?

A week ago my husband left on a two week business trip. It feels like he’s been gone a month. Things have been so crazy around the house and at work. All I’ve wanted to do is go to bed and pull the covers over my face and get a few more hours of sleep. I am tired. I’ve been a very good girl though. I have been getting up at 5:30 am every morning for my walk. That plus driving back and forth has really left me drained.

Last week was our 18th wedding anniversary. It’s really hard to believe that we’ve been married that long. In some ways, I feel like I’ve know him forever, in others, I don’t feel old enough to have known anyone for 18 years. It’s pretty strange that way.

My husband tried to sneak earrings on me as an anniversary gift, but his plans got foiled. My daughter was supposed to stick them into a hidden compartment that I rarely go into in my computer bag, but she put it in the main section instead. It was quite a surprise to see them. I thought the Hong Kong trip was the present, but I guess I get two. He also sent me flowers to my office. Beautiful red roses. They were nice to get, but it just made me feel sad, pointing out how far apart we are. He is coming back on Friday.

It was a real bummer that he had to be so far away for our anniversary. I miss him. We are going to be celebrating by taking a 5 day trip to Hong Kong next week. That should be fun. I’m not sure what we are going to do there, but it sounds so exotic. It should be a lot of fun.

There is a Disneyland in Hong Kong. I’ve been to the one in California, Florida and Paris, and we are debating about going to the one in Hong Kong as well. I love roller coasters, so it speaks to me. The only question is why would I go half way around to world to have such an American experience. It seems like a waste. I’m sure that there is so much culture to see and enjoy in Hong Kong that I’m leaning on not going. We’ll see if my roller coaster hunger kicks in.

I’ll be going into work late today. I’m going to try to get in a few more z’s after I drop my daughter off at the school bus. It’s hard doing it all, but everything will seem more doable after a bit of a nap.

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Not McDonald’s!

My husband left last night for a business trip. The girls and I dropped him off at the airport. At the airport, there is a kosher McDonald’s. We live north of Jerusalem, and don’t have the opportunity to go to McDonald’s all that much. The girls wanted to go. It was a little treat that the family could share together before my husband left, so we ate there. It was good for everyone else, but for me, it was a bad mistake.

I have been under a lot of stress lately. My husband leaving was just the thing that took me over the top. (I was going to say icing on the cake, but they don’t sell cake or icing at McDonald’s.) I ate. We started off with ice cream. Waited a bit. And then we had our main course. For me, that was a quarter pounder. I don’t know why I ate it. I don’t even like McDonald’s hamburgers. Not only did I eat my hamburger, I also ate a few nuggets and some french fries.

I guess I really do know why I ate it. I ate it because I was at a low on sleep and low on nerve. To have will power, a person needs to have a bit of strength. I’ve been zapped out.

I’m not going to beat myself up over it. I am going to learn from my mistakes. When temptation like this comes around again, I’ll be ready for it. It’s OK to mess up some times, but that doesn’t mean that it defines what I am doing. I am now back on the wagon.

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Celebrating small milestones

Things have been so hectic that I’ve had little time to think. I haven’t been getting much sleep, which has really made it hard to focus. If this post is a bit off the wall, forgive me.

I would like to give myself a pat on the back. It’s not that I’ve lost so much weight, it’s just that I have gotten down below a certain weight that I’ve been trying to get below for a long time. Yeah me. I don’t feel comfortable announcing to the world exactly what that weight is, but my next big milestone is 5 kilo less. I hope to be there in the near future. I’m sure that I will be.

I really think that sleep has a huge effect on loosing weight. That, and drinking are so important. I’m really surprised that I was able to lose any weight because I have been so sleep deprived lately. On my to do list for tonight is get sleep. I hear my bed calling me…

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Losing weight

I think what I’m doing is working. It’s not that I’ve lost all that much weight, but my face looks better. Different people gain weight differently and different people lose weight differently. Makes sense, right? No matter how large I get, the first place that I’ll see a change is in my face. Maybe I’m just nuts, but I think that my face is less puffy than it had been. I hope so.

It’s Friday again, so I’ll hit the treadmill for a while. I have to say that I love Yes Max. It’s the Israel version of Tevo. I have set up the guest room as a quasi-exercise room. I have the treadmill infront of a small TV. I plug the ear phones in and then get to it. I have a lot of catching up to do as far as my TV watching goes. It’s a tough life. I’ll make my way downstairs in a bit and charge forward. It should be fun.

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2 days down…

So far so good. I started on Sunday, and I’m still going strong. 1kg down. A few months ago I bought Alli diet pills that are supposed to help you lose weight faster. I’ve been thinking about trying them out too, but I’m a bit scared.

When I was I first diagnosed with Reduced Obese Syndrome, I was put on Orlistat to try to help me lose weight. The thought behind it was that if I didn’t absorb any fat, how could I gain weight? Makes sense, and it did work. The only problem was, the Orlistat made me feel lousy. If the fat isn’t getting absorbed, it needs to find another way to get out of the body. I found myself running to the bathroom at a moments notice. On top of that, it blocks the absorption of minerals that are good for you. That can’t be good.

Alli is Orlistat (but with a nicer name). The dose that I was on was twice as strong as what’s in Alli. Alli is very clear about the need to take a multi-vitamin every night to make up for lost minerals. They suggest taking the pills before each meal. I don’t eat a large breakfast, so I’ll skip that dose and only take it with lunch. If I fare well, I can always add on dinner. We’ll see how it goes. Just taking it one day at a time…

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Starting tomorrow

Tomorrow is the big day. It’s Sunday. The first day of the week and the first day of my diet. I still haven’t figured out exactly what I’m going to do – I’m torn between low-calorie and carb-free. I think that I’m going to do the low-calorie. It’s a lot harder to do,  but I think that it’s a lot healthier.

My endocrinologist said that I should do Atkins. I know that it works, and since a doctor told me to do it, you would think that I’d be jumping to get started. I don’t really like meat. I use to be a vegetarian. I stopped when my doctor told me to. If you don’t like what you eat, it’s hard to stick with it. I’m hopeful that I’ve chosen the right way to go.

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Got up late

It’s not what you think. It’s fine that I got up late. I wasn’t planning on going walking with my pals this morning. It’s Friday – my day off, and I finally had time to take care of me. This is the first Friday in a long time that I didn’t have to do school work or got out somewhere and I felt fine. I got up late and had a quick breakfast. I started cooking for Shabbat and the (drum roll please) I spent nearly 2 hours on the treadmill. I haven’t used the treadmill in months. It felt good.

I plan on starting the diet part of the journey next week. I haven’t decided what I’m doing yet, but since I will no longer have restrictions on what I eat for a medical test I had to do, it should be easier than if I were to start this week. Wish me luck.

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